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The Chase - Christopher Spelman
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"“By The Lost City of Z’s stunning penultimate scene, Gray, Khondji, and composer Christopher Spelman have conjured up a heady mix of ecstasy and mania, a fevered manifestation of Fawcett’s psychology, his unrelenting drive, his consuming hunger.”    

                                                                        --Vanity Fair

“The hunt sequence is a dream of pageantry – the camera scampering with the gun dogs one moment then soaring overhead the next, all to stirring bagpipe music. (The soundtrack includes a radiant, yearning score by Christopher Spelman and perfectly chosen works by Stravinsky, Ravel, Strauss, Verdi and Beethoven.)”

                                                                --The Telegraph UK

In the Cell - Christopher Spelman
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“The Immigrant looks and sounds spectacular, with a lavish musical score by Christopher Spelman, which incorporates cues from 19th-century opera and uses an old-fashioned melodic leitmotif to accompany Ewa’s frequent reaffirmations of her resolve to endure.”


“Composer Christopher Spelman adds a bluesy jazz-age sound that is terrific — weeping when it needs to, carefree when that's called for later.”

                                                                              --The LA Times

“A lush musical score.”

                                                         --The New York Times

Sola, Perdutta, Abbandonata - Christopher Spelman
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Room and Bulletin Board - Christopher Spelman
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